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Employees also have duties too
As a guide, employees should:
  • Follow appropriate systems of work laid down for their safety
  • Make proper use of equipment provided for their safety
  • Co-operate with their employer on health and safety issues to minimise risk
  • Inform their employer if they identify hazardous handling activities
  • Take care to ensure that their activities are not hazardous to others. 

Many businesses are wrongly under the impression that this does not apply to them because they are primarily an office environment. This is a misconception that can have serious consequences.

There is evidence to support claims that physical injuries such as back and spinal pain is caused by continual bad lifting, twisting and stretching and not by single trauma injuries.

EH Systems can help businesses to avoid these types of injuries to their employees through the provision of effective and comprehensive training.

Reap the benefits 

By engaging in a programme of instructional Manual Handling Training courses, your business and its employees can leverage the numerous and significant benefits that these courses deliver.

For example, attendance on just a single course will reveal how using the correct manual handling procedures can help to:

  • Avoid costly, stressful accidents
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Promote a safe working environment and culture
  • Encourage teamwork and improve staff morale
  • Protect your business and enhance its reputation as a responsible employer

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