ETS Worldwide Ltd


  • Jonathan Marsh, Managing Director
  • Amy Parry, Project Manager
  • Number of Employees: 1 - 20

ETS Worldwide Ltd. (ETS) was established in 1992 and is a marine environmental engineering services company with over 20 years’ experience offering single source solutions for the marine, water and wastewater sectors through the provision of field survey, project management and consultancy both nationally and internationally. ETS’ multidisciplinary team of scientists, project managers and technicians have worked on public, commercial and research projects and possess a wide range of skills and experience.

ETS specialises in measuring hydrodynamics and particle dynamics in coastal, marine, lacustrine, water and wastewater environments using fluorescent dyes and particle tracers. These specialist services are underpinned by the provision of baseline marine and aquatic scientific services including hydrodynamics, hydrography, geophysics, marine biology, meteorology and oceanography. Within the marine sector our services include conducting coastal environmental assessments, such as sediment transport, sedimentology, water and sediment quality, oceanographic studies, including waves, currents and turbidity monitoring and outfall and plume dispersal.

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