Flowquip Ltd

  • Riverside
  • Canal Road
  • Sowerby Bridge
  • West Yorkshire
  • United Kingdom
  • HX6 2AY (map)

  • Tel: 01422 829920
  • Fax: 01422 829921
  • Website: www.flowquip.co.uk


  • Roger Bancroft, Managing Director
  • Rob Bloomfield, Sales Manager
  • John Clarke, Manager
  • Number of Employees: 1 - 20
Flowquip are specialist distributors of flowmetering systems for process metering & batching, truck loading and unloading, energy metering & fuel management.

Flowmeters for water, chemicals, oils, air, gas & steam.

Wide range of meter operating principles including, orifice plate, venturi, pitot, magnetic, coriolis, vortex, ultrasonic, turbine & positive displacement.

Complimentary instruments include flow, level, temperature, pressure monitoring & control, dataloggers and recorders.

Services include supply, service, support, calibration and hire.

Distributors for: Contrec flow computers, VAF meters, Seiko, Apollo meters.

Associate companies: Flowhire, Heeley Instruments, Colson Valves.

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