FusionTech Plastics

FusionTechPlastics has 40 years of experience in acrylic casting and CNC machining.

We use high quality acrylic polymers supplied by a leading Japanese plastic manufacturer. All the casting processes take place in a dedicated clean room to prevent contamination of the acrylic.

Our kiln is capable of firing acrylic blocks up to 450x950x250mm allowing us to create a wide range of products with infinite uses.

At FusionTechPlastics we specialise in casting water free objects into acrylic blocks.  Using a unique formulation of acrylic only available in Japan materials such as aluminum, brass, metal powder, paper and artificial flowers can be sealed in acrylic to great effect.

We also have the capability to machine cast blocks by 3 axis or 5 axis CNC machining centre and then finish by diamond polishing. We truly are a one stop solution for your acrylic casting needs.

The blocks are annealed after polymerisation to stabilise the material.

All our products are carefully checked by our inspection team to ensure our customers are entirely sastisfied with their finished items.

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