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  • Website: www.over2hills.co.uk

We are probably the UKs greenest Office Furniture Company.

If you are looking to buy office furniture, Over2hills can make the experience hassle free, cheep and above all GREEN.

Over2hills are the industry leaders at selling reused, refurbished and recycled office furniture. By drawing on over 25 years experience in recycling, we can guarantee that 98% of the furniture we take in finds and ecologically sound new home. This makes us the very best in the business.

Being green is important. Not many people are aware of how much damage office furniture causes the planet. Over 10 million items of furniture are thrown away in the UK every year taking up valuable landfill space. New office furniture has to be transported from overseas causing untold tonnes of carbon emissions. By buying recycled office furniture you can help prevent this.

Over2hills uses expert reupholsterers to recondition old furniture and make it as good as new. Whatever can’t be reused is turned into a multitude of different products including mulch for gardens and plastic chips for industrial processes.

Please visit our website or call (01274) 876 761 for more details on how we can help you become greener.

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