Integrated Ergonomics Ltd


  • James A Holden, Managing Director
  • Number of Employees: 1 - 20

Integrated Ergonomics Ltd is a health ergonomics consultancy. We can provide a full comprehensive assessment service and offer practical advice on solutions to clients from all employment sectors. (Examples include offices, call centres, agricultural, warehouses and manufacturing).

As health ergonomists, it is our job to reduce physical, behavioural, psychological and social risk factors. In reducing these risk factors we aim to improve work efficiency, organization, productivity and overall worker health.

Since 1994, Integrated Ergonomics Ltd has been involved in carrying out detailed accessibility audits in a wide range of environments. With our ergonomic assessments we can provide a detailed report with informative photographs and practical advice on solutions. Integrated Ergonomics has considerable experience in improving job design for people with health problems and impairments.

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