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I.S.T. is your clear choice for Pipeline Pigging Systems and Technology. The idea of pigging is brilliantly simple and the best ideas are often the most simple. This is just the case with pigging systems, for more than 40 years I.S.T. have expanded the use of pigging into many new branches of industry, and it is based on a process which is, in principle, very simple.

A fit body, in other words a “pig”, is used to push out the contents of a pipe. What makes this principle so attractive is that it is suitable for use in various fields: I.S.T. pigging systems can be used to pump, fill, mix and separate most products as well as ensure the pipe is cleaned to give full product recovery and also enable many different products to be transferred down the same non dedicated pipework line.

I.S.T. has taken a brilliantly simple idea and developed it into perfect system solutions for all problematic tasks associated with pumping and filling systems.

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