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James McConnachie delivers exceptional quality and tack sharp professional images to a diverse range of marketing businesses and government offices.  The online world is so demanding for fresh content it is very hard to keep your business looking fresh and current with the constant changing trends in advertising.  Working with start-up businesses and established companies marketing, images are planned and created to make them stand out and get chosen first.

Such photography creations is either on location or in a small studio environment including: corporate portraiture, business event coverage, hospital theatre or surgical photography, people & lifestyle and small product photography as you can see from samples.  With planning and care working alongside you, your end product should reflect your mission and aim to show potential customers what you represent and what you have to offer to the online world.

The fact is – your business needs professional high quality images for your online website.  Stock photography has become very wide spread and people that look on your website images, leaflets and advertising boards on its quality and content and so does Google and other search engines too. The image quality of your website is judged within seconds of a potential customer either emailing you or clicking the next page to a competitor. Most stock sites are great to use for general images and they do offer high quality but they cannot create something that is bespoke to your own website or customers.  Work with me and tell me your plans and together we can really put something out there that is genuine, creative and bespoke.


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