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  • Bruce Ju, CEO
  • Bruce Ju, Engineering Manager
  • Bruce Ju, Account Manager
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"Hoston Machinery" Hydraulic Ironworker featuring multiple functions, including: Punching, Angle Steel Shearing, Flat Bar Shearing, Round/Square Bar Shearing, Notching, V-Notching, C-Channel Shearing, I-beam shearing, T-bar shearing, Press Brake, Angle Bending and Pipe Notching. 

"Hoston Machinery" Hydraulic Ironworker is brand new. Every new "Hoston Machinery" machines thoroughly test many times before ships these machines.

"Hoston Machinery" Hydraulic Ironworker (E-series) is equipped with Automatic Holding System and temperature cooling system on the base of standard Ironworker machine. With automatic holding tight system, the position of the workpiece will be fixed automatically so that you can improve the accuracy and work efficiency. Besides, the temperature cooling system can control the temperature of hydraulic oil at normal working temperature. Therefore, the machine won’t be damaged even if it is kept on for 24 hours. This style has gained great compliments by market.

The essential feature in "Hoston Machinery" Hydraulic Ironworker, is the safety ensured by the protection fence. Safety in the workplace is invaluable for us. We manufacture SAFE machines!

The wide range of "Hoston Machinery" Hydraulic Ironworker by working force, size and production capacity. 

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