Ancorite Surface Protection Ltd

  • Millbuck Way
  • Ettiley Heath
  • Sandbach
  • Cheshire
  • United Kingdom
  • CW11 3AB (map)

  • Tel: 01270 761720
  • Fax: 01270 761697
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  • David Clegg, Sales Director
  • Andy Cummings, Managing Director
  • Ian Walford, Estimator
  • Number of Employees: 21 - 100

Ancorite Surface Protection Ltd - About Us

Ancorite Surface Protection Ltd was established in the 1950s. The company was previously known as KCH GROUP (UK) Ltd. and in 2007 the UK management team negotiated a management buy out from the German parent company.

With offices in Sandbach, Middlesbrough and Cork, we operate throughout the UK and Ireland and also undertake large projects overseas. The business is based on the protection of surfaces from corrosion stresses - mechanical, chemical and temperature.

As a member of FeRFA and using products from many major manufacturers, we supply and install many lining systems including:

  • Resin floors
  • Anti Static or Conductive floors
  • Vibration and Traditional Tiling
  • Acid Brickwork
  • Terrazzo Floors
  • Refractory work
  • Rubber linings
  • Bund linings
  • Nuclear decontaminate
  • Hygienic wall coatings
  • Corrosion resistant coatings

Ancorite also provides ancillary services including:

  • stainless steel channels
  • gullies and kerbs
  • white wall panelling
  • screeds
  • concrete substrates

Terrazzo Flooring

Ancorite provides decorative and functional polished polyurethane and epoxy terrazzo systems for the Pharmaceuticals, Commercial and Retail sectors.

Resin Flooring

Ancorite is a leader in the specification and application of polyurethane and epoxy resin coating and screed systems.

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