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  • A solar photovoltaic system can be mounted onto most types of domestic property to help power your home and reduce your use of carbon based fuels.
  • A south facing roof can have panels mounted onto the roof to maximise the energy capture or panels can be mounted in your garden using mounting structures that enable the panels to be angled and orientated in the most optimal direction.
  • In a new build or renovation application the roof material itself can comprise of solar tiles offering the best possible appearance.
  • A typical 2.8kWp domestic system will generate 2,415kWh per year saving over 1 tonne of CO2.

We offer a number of standard packages for domestic installations based upon the Sharp, Perlight, Jinko, Schuco, Romag or Mitsubishi PV panels. These provide very cost effective options from major brands and enables your installer to maximise the annual energy yield from the available space by selecting panels which best fit the roof. Other sizes can be supplied after determining the system requirements.

The systems shown are example configurations designed to give you an idea of the performance and cost of REM's photovoltaic solutions. Following a detailed site survey we will design the optimum system for your requirements, taking into account the available space, amount of energy you wish to generate and your budget. Every system is tailored to your individual requirements and a panel make and type to match as close as possible your exact needs.

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