Lairdside Laser Engineering Centre

  • Campbeltown Road
  • Birkenhead
  • Merseyside
  • United Kingdom
  • CH41 9HP (map)

  • Tel: 0151 650 2305
  • Fax: 0151 6502304
  • Website:


  • Doug Eckford, Laser Development Engineer
  • Eamon Fearon, Centre Manager
  • Number of Employees: Unavailable
The Laser Centre is a knowledge transfer centre set up by the Laser group at the University of Liverpool. Its brief is to help companies take up or improve laser processes in manufacturing, and is the only open access centre of its type in the UK.

We can assist in a range of processes, from established processes such as laser cutting, marking and welding, to emerging processes such as cladding, metal deposition, other surface treatments and cleaning. We can also access processes still being developed within the University's research group e.g. laser forming (bending).

If you need help with laser processes, training, or want to develop products or processes employing laser techniques directly, or in their manufacture, please contact us.

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