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The LED pharmacy cross is a very effective Display for the Pharmacies. LED signs are much brighter than the old neon signs. LED Cross is visible even during the day against the sun light. It can display any information that you want ,such as Opening hours, new products available, vaccines and any other service provided. It can display fantastic visual effects to catch easily the attention of the potential customers. A LED pharmacy cross has a low power consumption. A double face cross needs at max only 300 Watt power. With the high quality LEDs used, the LED pharmacy cross has a very long life with great brightness.

Super high Brightness

Weather Resistant

RF transmission

Works off-line

Easy to set contents

Time and Temperature inside

Plenty of images inside

Standing on end


pixel pitch:             20 mm
pixel density:         2,500 dots/sqm
resolution power: 16*8 dots
pixel config:           1PG  (oval LED lamp)
environment:         outdoor
color:                       unicolor
module size:          320mm*160 mm
brightness :            4000¿6000 cd/sqm
drive method:         static constant 
Green wavelength:520 ~ 525 nm
Lifetime :                 100,000 hours    (50% brightness)

Width:             960 mm
Height:           1280 mm
Aspect ratio:  3:4
Diagonal:       ******
Depth:            130 mm
Area:               0.512 sqm
Weight:           35 kg
Pixels:            128*10*2=1280*2 dots
viewing angle(H):           100 deg
viewing angle(V):            50 deg
Material:                           Cold rolled armor plate
Ingress protection:          IP43
Operating temperature range:  -15 ~ +55 deg
Humidity operating:         10% ~ 90%
Best viewing distance:    25 ~ 67 m
Input voltage(nominal):    AC 110 ~ 240 V
Input power frequency:    50 ~ 60 Hz
Input power(max):            100 ~ 150 Watts
Input power(typical):         25 ~ 50 Watts
Cooling system:                no Fans

brightness control:        4 levels
display refresh rate:      500 Hz
contrast:                           ≥16:1
max program number:  100
capacity:                           8Mb ~ 16Mb
Data interconnection:        RF / RS232 / RS485
communication distance: RF:100 ~ 800 m / RS232:30 m / RS485:1200 m
other input method:            GPRS / GSM / RF / UTP

We have also P16 and P25 available. LED pharmacy cross is mostly green color,however,we can also make to be bi-color or full color.

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