Cookies Policy

Most websites use cookies – very small text files that are placed on your computer – to help provide you with a better user experience.

Applegate uses cookies for two purposes:

  • so that we can measure how our website is used
  • so that our website can ‘remember’ who a user is for the duration of their session on the website and sometimes between sessions.

Using cookies for measurement

Applegate uses two popular analytics packages – Google Analytics and DC Storm. The information we collect helps us understand how users arrive to the website, which pages are being viewed and the journeys users take through the website. It also helps us to distinguish between new users and repeat users.

This information feeds into our development processes to ensure that we focus our ongoing website improvement efforts on those parts of the website that users choose to visit the most.

We don’t collect or store any personal information on our users through this process, so your anonymity is assured.

Using cookies to remember users

There may be times, on your journey through our website, where the website needs to remember you for the purposes of preserving session information. For example, if you are a registered user and you have logged in to the website, it would be very inconvenient if you had to re-enter your user name and password for each page that you view. Session cookies allow us to maintain your logged in state to the end of your session.

On rare occasions, we may also want to remember you between sessions. For example, if you are an e-commerce customer and have created a shopping cart during one session, but have chosen not to check out in that session, we will store your shopping cart contents so that when you return you don’t have to enter all the information again.

If you wish to find out more about cookies generally, you might like to visit

If you have any specific questions about the use of cookies on Applegate, you can contact us, on 0345 600 7177 or via email on