Linmech Technical Solutions Ltd

  • York Eco Business Centre
  • Amy Johnson Way, Clifton Moor
  • York
  • North Yorkshire
  • United Kingdom
  • YO30 4AG (map)

  • Tel: 0781 504 1663
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Linmech is an independent company offering Design and Analysis support to industry and entrepreneurs. We employ experienced consultant and contract engineers with excellent industrial and consumer experience to assist you or your company in developing new and existing products.

We can supply support at all stages of the PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PROCESS, both on and off-site, creating parts, assemblies and fully toleranced drawings. We can develop your project from an idea into prototypes and finally into production, whether it be a single part or an entire product.

Each project is planned and developed with consideration for:

  • Product specifications
  • Schedule requirements
  • Marketing needs
  • Anticipated volumes and customer preferences

Products are designed using state of the art solid modeling CAD systems. From these CAD models, we can provide you with first rate prototypes, and access to extremely low cost, high volume manufacturing.

Projects are managed starting with an initial project proposal and a Product Development Plan, written specifically for your project. These documents describe in detail the exact work to be performed as well as the deliverables of the project.

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