Long Technology Ltd

  • Unit 13 Steven Road Industrial Estate
  • Huntly
  • Aberdeenshire,
  • United Kingdom
  • AB54 8SX (map)

  • Tel: 01466 705 201
  • Fax: 01466 794111
  • Website: www.longtechnology.com

Long Technology Ltd distribute the complete range of Mubea Disc Springs in the UK. We also supply products from Darcor and Smalley Steel Ring Company.

  • Mubea Disc Springs
  • Darcor Ergonomically Designed Castors
  • Darcor Automotive Castors
  • Darcor Medical Castors
  • Darcor Cartwashable™ Castors (special finish to prevent rusting)
  • Darcor Shock Absorbing Castors
  • Darcor Office Chair Castors 
  • Darcor Food and Freezer Castors
  • Darcor Spring Loaded Castors
  • Darcor Heavy Duty Castors
  • Smalley Spiral Retaining Rings
  • Smalley Snap Rings
  • Smalley Wave Springs

All our products have been tested and carefully selected from well established and reputable manufacturers to ensure guaranteed quality.

Further to the company's strategy of organised growth, Long Technology continues to maintain its reputation in providing excellent value at reasonable and affordable prices.

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