Marine Design International Ltd

  • Design Hub
  • No 13 Rankine House
  • Glasgow
  • Strathclyde
  • United Kingdom
  • G4 9XG (map)

  • Tel: 0141 353 5499
  • Fax: 0141 353 5491
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  • Simon Cormack, Director
  • Number of Employees: 1 - 20

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Specification/Contract Writing– Specifications and contract terms will be written based on  our extensively tested clauses and format 

Project Management– Attention to detail ensures build or repair work goes to plan and budget 

CAD Drafting and Modeling– Many CAD systems are maintained at MDI to provide drawings in any format you require, hard copy or computerised paper drawings. 

System design and specification– Review or design your ship systems to comply with regulations 

Structural Calculation– Global or local for your own requirements or for submission to class 

Tonnage measurement/calculation– from drawings or vessel measurement we can provide a calculation of vessel tonnage and the effects of alterations to your vessel. 

Resistance and Propulsion– Computer analysis of hull form and predicted powering, comparative studies and recommendation. 

Sea keeping analysis– Computer modelling of hydrodynamic motions in a seaway to provide estimated accelerations for health and safety regulations or vessel/equipment loading. 

Build or Retrospective Classification– A difficult process with a small vessel, our experience can help identify and solve potential issues and we can advise on approved methods and suppliers.

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