Category Sponsorship

Introducing the new category sponsorship feature, from Applegate Marketplace.

Dominate the category that most accurately describes your business to put your company at the forefront of your sector on Applegate Marketplace, an online marketplace that is utilised by more than 150,000 buyers each month.

Be the first thing motivated buyers on Applegate see when looking for a product or service in your category, maximising the chances you will be considered for their requirements and ultimately the chance to win their business.

Introducing the new category sponsorship feature, from Applegate Marketplace.

As buyers navigate the site, they will come across the new category sponsorship windows, highlighted in the image above. Sponsoring these categories can be done across all levels of the site and will not only provide suppliers with increased opportunities to gain exposure in their sector but enhance their ability to manage company pages and target relevant buyers navigating the site.

Whether you are after the mass exposure that comes with owning a high level category, such as ‘Electrical Equipment and System’, or a specific audience provided by a low level category, such as ‘Cable clips’, packages range from quarterly to yearly so act fast, once the category is sold, it could be owned by a competitor for up to a year!

How to get started?

To find out more about Category Sponsorship, contact your account manager or call on 0345 60 7177 for more information.

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