Contextual Banners

The Applegate contextual banner is a great way to attract the eyes of buyers searching on Applegate for the products and services your business provides.

Display an array of your eye-catching promotional content for the exact term or terms you want to be found for.

Each banner has a maximum of three transitions, the slides of each banner can showcase a different promotion, detail, product or service.


Become part of the Applegate Supplier Network to showcase your business online and receive quotation requests and orders from the hundreds of thousands of business buyers that use the site each month.

Partnered with the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply, the world’s largest procurement and supply professional organisation. Applegate is unique in that it has combined the leading business to business online marketplace with an eProcurement system, to create an online buying tool that provides suppliers with enquiries, orders and brand exposure.

Since the launch of its eProcurement system, Applegate PRO has attracted buyers ranging from local government to the Cabinet Office, The White House, Airbus, the MoD and SpaceX.

Quotations to the eProcurement system raised an average value of £19,272,69 in Q1 of 2016, equating to over £8 million. In the first six months, Applegate PRO experienced over £80 million of requests for quotations, which were sent to Applegate clients.

In Q4 of 2016, Applegate Marketplace will launch its new site, featuring a vastly improved search facility for businesses seeking out goods or services.

In addition to improved aesthetics and functionally, the new category management system will make navigating the Applegate Supplier Network much more efficient.

There are approximately 27 ‘top level’ categories such as ‘Electrical Equipment and System’ – syphoning down into 1,451 ‘low’ level categories, such as ‘Cable clips’ to appropriate the 12 million products and services featured on Applegate.

As buyers navigate the site, they will come across the new category sponsorship windows, highlighted in blue in the image above. Sponsoring these categories can be done across all levels of the site and will not only provide suppliers with increased opportunities to gain exposure in their sector but enhance their ability to manage company pages and target relevant buyers navigating the site.

Adding information about products and services will also become significantly quicker – creating an adaptable online presence to maximise the chances to be considered by buyers utilising Applegate.

In addition to these new features, Applegate suppliers have the opportunity to promote their brand, products and services to professional buyers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria who use wlw – Wer Liefert Was. The leading business platform in Germany formed a partnership with Applegate in 2015.

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