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With the launch of Applegate’s new site comes the introduction of Product and Service Cards to replace the old Product and Service Pages. These new cards offer many new benefits to both Suppliers and Users on the site.

Relevant and Semantic URL Structure.

Our newly structured URLs now relate specifically to the product and service you promote and the relevant category that product or service fits in, if found through Categories. Both users and indexing spiders use the new semantic structure of the URL to correctly identify and determine the relevance of each page. Better for the optimisation of the page and the experience of the user. This also generates a better linking structure to your website from Applegate.

Promote individual products or services

Like the old Product and Service Pages you can still promote individual products or services on each product card, however, product cards offer a greater opportunity for exposure through search, company profiles and now Categories Sectors. Product cards benefit from a reduced risk of duplicate or poor content as they naturally fit within a content rich Applegate Category Sector.

Matching search results

Product cards will be displayed for all relevant search results for your products and services. Search results give buyers the opportunity to raise quotation requests for their searched item or, view more information on the product directly on the supplier’s website, creating more direct referrals for your business.

More Information in Search Results

Product cards now give users a great opportunity to easily compare products from different suppliers in both search results and Category Sections. Users can compare specifications, price, availability, manufacturers part numbers without navigation elsewhere and can make informed decisions on the best suppliers with ease.

If you would like to know more about Product and Service Card or to start promoting your business on Applegate call 0345 600 7177 or email today.

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