Products and Services

Looking for an efficient way to showcase your products and services online?

Suppliers featured on Applegate Marketplace are able to create individual Product and Service Cards to maximise the exposure of their business to motivated buyers online.

Assigned to designated slots within new Applegate categories, Product and Service Cards are the foundation of promoting your business using an online marketplace.

Essential details, including product descriptions, images, specifications and the quantity available, aid buyer’s decisions when looking to source these goods using Applegate.

What do Product and Service Cards look like?

Why is quality of content important?

The higher the standard of the content provided by a supplier, the better the chances that business will top search results internally, externally and ultimately, win the business of buyers using Applegate.

This content is also used by the Applegate Sourcing Team when looking to match suppliers to quotation requests from buyers submitted to Applegate PRO.

To help maximise quality and external indexing, unique, content-rich content is present for each Applegate category.

Relevant and Semantic URL Structure

Applegate’s newly structured URLs relate specifically to the product and service being promoted on Applegate and cite the relevant category that this fits in.

Indexing spiders use the new semantic structure of the URL to correctly identify and determine the relevance of each page, aiding its optimisation and, in addition, improving the experience of the user and the linking structure to a supplier’s website.

More Information in Search Results

Product and Service Cards provide an interface for users of Applegate to compare products and services from different suppliers in search results and Product Categories. Users can compare key factors such as specifications, location and availability without navigation elsewhere and make informed decisions on the best suppliers for their requirement.

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How to get started?

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