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  • Naldred Farm Offices
  • Borde Hill Lane
  • Haywards Heath
  • West Sussex
  • United Kingdom
  • RH16 1XR (map)

  • Tel: 01444 443233
  • Fax: 01444 443235
  • Website: www.kallistaelectronics.co.uk


  • Gemma Aartsen, Accounts
  • Adam Bacon, Account Manager
  • Rod Cummins, Internal Sales
  • Martin Dodd, Sales Representative
  • Sophie O'Kavanagh, Order Progress
  • Darren Bacon, Sales Manager / Quality Manager
  • Dan Gibbs, Stores Manager
  • Dave Russell, Technical Sales
  • Number of Employees: 1 - 20
Kallista Electronics Ltd has an extensive profile of Suppliers offering Connectors, Relays and Switches from within the Military, Aerospace, Industrial and Commercial Markets. With over £400k worth of stock, coupled with our Connector Assembly Facility and a pro-active Procurement Sourcing Service.

Products can be supplied to the Mil-Spec, CECC, BS or VG Specifications as well as the manufacturers own proprietary numbers
  • MIL-C-26482 Series 1 Connectors
  • MIL-C-26482 Series 11 Connectors
  • MIL-C-83723 Series 1, 11,111 Connectors
  • MIL-C-38999 Range Connectors
  • Pattern 608/MK 18 Series Connectors
  • MIL-C-5015 Series Connectors
  • MIL-C-26500 Series Connectors
In addition, we are one of very few Suppliers who have been granted Certification by the DSTAN Helpdesk to support the Ministry of Defence, and its many sub-contractors, with technical assistance on all ranges of Circular Connectors, Relays and Switches.

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