A1 Mobile Ltd

  • New Farm
  • Hoveringham Lane, Hoveringham
  • Nottingham
  • Nottinghamshire
  • United Kingdom
  • NG14 7JX (map)

  • Tel: 01636 830111
  • Fax: 01636 830222
  • Website: www.a1mobile.co.uk

We provide a range of mobile self contained toilets. Their self contained design means they require no sewage or water connection. They can be provided as luxurious 12 bay units ideal for high calibre events, and offer ambiance and character to a setting.

The types of mobile self contained toilets include two cubicles, twin fresh flush toilets, easy to set up and maintain. Standard mobile units designed to facilitate larger groups of people and can be upgraded with a range of extras such as carpets. We also supply a range of contemporary styled mobile toilets combining artistic design and opulence.

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