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  • Francesco Poderico, Design Engineer
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Design Services for Embedded Electronics, Software and Firmware

Embedded electronics design (hardware, firmware, PCB) are our strengths. Neutronix provides a comprehensive services for designing new products, and  updating your old design. We can help you on:

  • Embedded Electronic Design 
  • Embedded Software Design
  • FPGA Firmware Design (VHDL)
  • PCB Design 
  • EMC Testing
  • Fast Prototyping 

Successful design experience on : micro voltmeter, multi channel ADC acquisition board, SONET/SDH testing equipment, 1G 10G Ethernet IP, ATM/AALx CAM, PCI and PCI-express , WI-FI,  USB HID game console for PC,  200 MSPS Oscilloscope, IF stage for S Band  transceiver card, and more.
We have a cross industry experience in: aerospace, telecom, ATEX, Financial market, microspace, industrial, astronomy, IT.

Hardware Design

Experience in:

  • PCI, PCI express (PLX, XILINX)
  •  FPGA (Xilinx, Lattice, ACTEL now Microsemi )
  • Microcontroller ( Microchip, Atmel, Silicon labs)
  • High speed digital design (DDR, DDR2, QDR2, SDRAM, 1Gb/10Gb Ethernet, PCI, PCI express)
  • Analog Design (High speed ADC/ DAC, design for instrumentation, wide band amplifier) 
  • RF, Wi-Fi, QAM16

PCB Design

  • experience in multilaye board (up t o16 layer)

FPGA Design

Experience on:

  • ATM/ AAL2,5
  • 1G/10G MAC
  • UDP/IP  stack protocol (1Gbps and 10Gbps )
  • Porting Linux on Xilinx FPGA

Software Programming

Programming languages:

  • C, C++
  • Delphi, Lazarus
  • Assembly when (critical application demands)


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