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Steel and Carbide Tools

Steel and Carbide Tools

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Production of... Deburring dies, deburring rings, deburring punch inlays, deburring tools, shear bushings, shear knives, reinforcement sleeves, uptake sleeves, widening mandrils, elector sleeves, ejector pins, Drilling rods, diamond files, diamond pastes, diamond powder, diamond grinding pencil, diamond dust, diamond draw plates, printing fittings, Drawing-in cheeks, infeed rollers, descaling rolls, bevelled bushings, bevelled cores, bevel punches, finish plungers, extruder inlays, extruder dies, extruder punch intakes, forming punches, guiding sleeves, Die inlays, holding dies, carbide metal precision pieces, carbide metal tools, backings, Calibration pins, calibration dies, head-punch dies, head-press intakes, ball dies, dome lids, dome grippers, dome cores, dome dies, Contract work, mandrils, dies, die inlays, die fittings, die sleeves, die cores, bowl dies, Polished wheels, polishing pastes, polycrystalline diamond tools, press sleeves, profile drawing plates, Reduction inlays, reduction cores, reduction dies, reduction punches, straightening rolls, Six-edged punches, segment punches, scraper nozzle, shearing blade inlays, shear tools, sanding pastes, closing dies, cutting bushings, cutting plates, clamping sleeves, steel tools, compress dies, compress punches, punch inlays, punch fittings, punch holder, punch sleeves, suspensions, Pre-edgers, cylinder rings, turning plates, tools for metalworking, tools for re-forming techniques, tools for cold forging techniques, Drawing cheeks, drawing mandrils, drawing rings, drawing plates, drawing tools

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