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The original and sole manufacturer of the O-Vee Spring Gauge since 1941.

Simple but Effective method of Screw Thread Measurement and Gauging of Internal / External and Tapered threads (all thread series)

Widely used by industry both at home and abroad who recognise its virtues both as a measuring tool for external and internal thread forms (except the square form) and as an In House Plug Gauge Calibration System.

The Ovee permits the setting and controlling of batch runs with such ease, and less trial scrap and when used in conjunction with the solid ring gauge extends the life of these units by reducing the bell mouthing and wear which occurs through the constant trials necessary to ensure the component enters the gauge with little or no drag.

Speciality form measurement has not limited the Ovee to measuring screw threads alone but includes;

  • Undercuts and slots, grooves etc
  • Any combination of Diameter, Pitch, Lead (starts) from .7mm to 432mm
  • On the extremities they are Pitch and Wire dependant

 Any diameter within this range can be produced within days and at truly economical prices as well as the standard forms and sizes currently used with;

  • Unified
  • I.S.O.
  • Metric
  • Whitworth
  • Buttress
  • Acme

The Gauge Control Oveeis solely for theIn-House Calibration of Thread Plug Gauges and because theG-C Ovee has all the over-wire dimensions including wear parameters for both Go and No Go members where specifications permit on its data plate.

(The calibration can be under taken by any level of staff member providing they are able to use and read a micrometer)

With the Ovee Gauge all calculations and specifications have already been taken care of, the user need only fit the gauge upon or into the component or gauge to be measured and apply the measuring tool (micrometer/vernier/plategauge etc) and ensure the measured results are within the nominated figures specified on the Ovee gauge data plate.


O-VEE are proud to announce the acquisition or Marlin O-Vee and it's customers.

We welcome Marlin O-vee's customers old & new to contact us with their product requirements

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