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Occupational Ergonomics is a human factors and ergonomics consultancy. We help employers to create healthy, efficient, inclusive workplaces. 

Our service is tailored to the needs and budget of each client. The quality and cost-effectiveness of our services typically exceed client expectations.

Contact us today to discuss your ergonomics needs and how we can help.

Services include:

DSE assessments, advice, and training
Manual handling assessments, advice, and training
Environmental ergonomics assessments (heat, light, noise, vibration)
Injured worker assessments and task redesign (rehabilitation)
Disabled worker assessments, accessibility, and accommodation design (DDA advice)
Building accessibility audits (DD)
Industrial risk assessments
Healthcare risk assessments
Laboratory risk assessments
Farm risk assessments and disability accommodation
Homeworker risk assessments
Workshops and seminars on-site: Physical, behavioural and organisational risks/remedies
Product and system usability evaluation
Setup of in-house participatory ergonomics programs
In-house research studies to support business growth, facilities optimisation, and workforce health.

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