Opportunities for US exporters

Applegate offers the opportunity for companies in the US to reach UK buyers

Applegate is an online marketplace, through which commercial and government buyers submit quote requests for goods and services they need.

In 2016, one and a half million business buyers visited Applegate Marketplace. Over 420,000 of those buyers went on to visit the websites of suppliers featured on Applegate or to raise structured quotation requests using Applegate PRO, our free-to-use eProcurement system.

ITA Strategic Partnership

Through our strategic partnership with the International Trade Administration we aim to provide US companies with easy access to the UK market; a low-cost, low-maintenance route to exporting.

How to get started

It all starts with your company profile. You can create an initial profile by registering your company for free, and we can help you build on that over time by creating optimised content and progressively adding your products and services. 

If you’d like to speak with a member of our Support Team to discuss your specific requirements, please call +44 (0)345 600 7177.

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