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  • Ian Rutherford, Director
  • Number of Employees: 1 - 20


Coil racking is designed to store a variety of different products which are stored on reels. Drums are supported by a steel spindle which can be adjusted vertically and bolted to the uprights. This allows a variety of different drum sizes to be stored safely on the same rack.

Pegasus coil racking is available in single sided and double sided styles and it is ideal for storing large cable drums. Racks can be supplied as individual bays or continuous runs to suit your exact needs.
Drums of all sizes can be safely accommodated up to an individual drum capacity of 3000kgs. The addition of spindle retaining chocks and drum collars mean that cable can be safely unwound while still on the rack. The design of the racking also enables delicate materials to be stored without sustaining surface damage.
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