Planet 4 Properties

Virtual Tours for Developers

We have a range of Virtual plan services that can be viewed on the internet these include:

  • Provide the world with a 360 degree view of new or existing or proposed buildings or parks
  • Provide a complete view including nearby attractions and access routes
  • A virtual tour can be made from plans and these can be combined with existing photographs of the landscape
  • Building materials, and internal fixtures fittings, and furniture this will give the property an accurate look
  • Provide a world wide view of a proposed site
  • 3d Plans with walk through \ fly through

This helps in the following areas:

  • Produce an accurate demonstration to investors and proposals to the bank.
  • Produce an accurate walk through on the internet to show potential buyers
  • Exactly what the final product will look like.
  • Costing and virtual snagging


Connect to a live camera to see live progress development of building site anywhere in the world from anywhere.


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