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PES – Power Efficient Systems is one of the country's leading manufacturers and suppliers of Energy Saving systems, power factor correction and voltage optimisation power savers for industrial and commercial clients within the UK.

Our approach to energy reduction at a plants source using a number proven technologies which includes Power Factor Correction and Voltage optimisation combined is quite unique within the United Kingdom and is proving to be a solid and cost effective route to reduce company energy costs and carbon emissions in an ever increasing energy conscious environment.

Power Factor Correction 

As a business you will hopefully now be aware of the Carbon Reduction Commitment, The Carbon Reduction Commitment is a mandatory carbon emissions trading scheme that covers all organisations using in excess of  6,000MWh per year of electricity. There are solutions available to help you achieve your targets,Power Factor Correction being one of the most efficient solutions currently available.

Power Factor Correction is a measure of electrical efficiency, a typical power factor not utilising Power Factor Correction in most commercial and industrial organisations is around 0.80pf (80% electrically efficient) which in real terms means a 1000 Kva transformer can only supply an 800Kw load, a reduction in utilisation by approximately 20% which can also be applied to the switch gear and cables. By using Power Factor Correction  this problem can be easily corrected.

Power Factor correction targets the “inductive reactive currents” by intelligently introducing capacitors into the supply to counteract any inductive element of the load. Power Factor Correction can increase the electrical efficiency to around 1.00pf (100% electrically efficient)  

Power Factor Correction Will give some excellent Savings on your monthly utility bills, Power Factor Correction will also reduce circuit currents which will allow additional loads to be fitted to an otherwise inefficient electrical system. Be sure to take advantage of all the savings you could make by using Power Factor Correction

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