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About us

About us

Gemu GB were established in 1981 to handle the UK and Irish markets for the Gemu Group. In 1985 we moved to larger premises and in 2011 we developed our own new modern building by the M6 Junction 21 in Warrington.

Now solely concentrating on the GB market, after the opening of Gemu Ireland in 2015, a team of 15 employees provide support to customers for the whole range of Gemu products.

The team is led by MD Steve Orton and there is a field customer support team of six and internal customer support team of eight.

The GB office is linked directly to the factory order process system and we enquire and place orders directly into the factory production processes for standard or next day delivery direct to our customers from Germany. In this way the old method of local stockholding is replaced by an accessible world stock and a new logistic centre at Waldenburg in Germany is able to ship same day if required for urgent orders.

Our new Warrington building has facilities for training up to 22 people in a state of the art training room with the latest projector, LED large screen TV and internet capable systems. Recent courses include diaphragm replacement training for site engineers.

See us on YouTube for videos on the company and product ranges.

Aseptic Diaphragm Valves

Aseptic Diaphragm Valves

Metal Aseptic Diaphragm Valves are primarily used in sterile applications in the pharmaceutical, food and biotechnology industries. These valves are used for the handling and distribution of ultra pure media in the fields of semiconductors and microelectronics, as well as for applications in the field of fine chemicals.

Depending on the version selected, they are suitable for ultra pure water (Water for Injection), ultra high pure chemicals, intermediate and final products in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, foodstuffs processing and the chemical industry. The valves can be sterilised and autoclaved within the bounds of their technical use parameters. Aseptic diaphragm valves are also used successfully as control valves in sterile areas.

As well as 2 way diaphragm valves we also manufacture ZDT (Zero Deadleg Tee) diaphragm valves, Tank Bottom Diaphragm Valves and a specialised range of bespoke Valve Manifold Blocks. The Gemu M600 manifold block designs can incorporate from 1 to 24 valves in a single block of stainless steel. We also incorporate sensor ports or instrument ports as well as filter housings and special mounitng points to customer requirements.

Globe Valves

Globe Valves

Globe valves are ideal for fast cycle duties, higher temperatures and control applications. Although they are often used for steam control and in the field of water/waste water treatment, they can handle the most diverse of applications in industrial processes, yet also in sterile and hygienic applications in the pharmaceutical, food and biotechnology industries.

Angle Seat Globe valves have an inclined seat which reduces pressure loss through the valve body and offer higher Kv values. These can be fitted with Plastic, Aluminium or Stainless Steel piston actuators for fast, reliable operation up to 180 Degrees Celsius on steam or lower duties for air, gases or water and CIP systems.

Globe valve designs up to DN150 offer precise control or  for On/Off applications.

The latest Gemu designs incorporate Bellows sealed glands for leakfree applications.

Ball Valves

Ball Valves

Ball valves can be used in many different pipeline applications. However, they are primarily used in industrial processes, in water supply and water/waste water treatment. GEMÜ plastic ball valves are also successfully used in the chemical industry.

Alongside valves with straight through body (2/2-way valves), T valves (3/2-way valves) are also available.

Materials can be

  • Stainless steel
  • PVC-U
  • ABS
  • PP
  • PVDF

Accessories, such as seal adjusters and stroke limiters, manual overrides, proximity switches, optical position indicators and electrical position indicators, round off the ball valve portfolio.

Plastic Pressure Control Valves

Plastic Pressure Control Valves

GEMÜ are pleased to offer a complete range of Pressure Control Valves in plastic


  • Pressure Retaining/Relief Valves GEMÜ N086, N186 and N786

The GEMÜ N086 and N186 Pressure Retaining Valves are used to provide a constant upstream back pressure in process plant. They can also be used as Pressure Relief Valves to reduce pressure peaks upstream by relieving the pressure downstream from the valve. Due to their minimal deadleg design, types N086 and N186 are particularly well suited to ultra pure water applications. The product range has been expanded to include the pressure retaining valve GEMÜ N786.

  • Pressure Relief valves GEMÜ N085 and N185

Plant and piping systems are protected against gauge pressure and pressure peaks using Pressure Relief Valves from the GEMÜ N085 and N185 series. Any overpressure is relieved via a third port. Due to the flow-efficient design of the valve body, there is only a minimal pressure loss through the valve.


  • Pressure Reducing Valves GEMÜ N082, N182 and N782

GEMÜ Pressure Reducing Valves are used to reduce the downstream pressure to a specified value, which can be easily set using a set screw. The inlet pressure is reduced to the required outlet pressure utilizing the pressure differential.

Materials for all valves are PVC-U, PP, PVDF.



GEMU Flowmeters

Gemu pioneered the application of the Variable Area priniciple for flowmetering in plastic piping systems.

The extensive range of sizes and flowrates include:

Short pattern type 850 series for sizes DN10 - DN25

Long pattern type 800 series for sizes DN20 - DN65

A Turbine flowmeter, the type 3021 is also available which gives full volumetric flow measurement. 

Magnetically inductive flowmeters type 3030 or type C38 High Purity PFA ultrasonic flowmeters compliment the range

Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves

GEMÜ offer an extensive range of Butterfly Valves in both Metal and Plastic.

GEMÜ Victoria Metal Butterfly Valves are primarily used in industrial applications and water treatment industries. The range from DN40 - DN1600 sizes with wafer, lugged or U-section bodies and a choice of discs and liners. WRAS certification EPDM liner combined with Stainless Steel disc is ideal for UK water applications. manual, pneumatic or motorised actuators and switchboxes round off the range.

GEMÜ PTFE lined Butterfly valves type 490, 491 and 497 are for demanding chemical applications where integrity and chemical resistant are paramount. Sizes available from DN40 to DN900 with manual levers, gearboxes, pneumatic actuators or motorised options.

GEMÜ Plastic Butterfly Valves come in two styles

  • Wafer flanged Plastic Bodies from DN50 - DN300 with Rubber liners and manual, pneumatic or motorised actuators
  • Union ended Plastic bodies from DN15 - DN50 with Rubber liners and manual, pneumatic or motorised actuators

Plastic Valve Manifolds

Plastic Valve Manifolds

GEMÜ Plastic multi-port valves:

• Individual, customized and flexible design
• Very compact design, manufactured with several valve seats from a single block of material
• Fewer fittings, welds or solvent cemented joints -> fewer potential leakage points
• Lower assembly and installation costs
• Low hold-up volume, smaller wetted area
• GEMÜ modular system with high-quality components (actuators, diaphragms, valve bodies, position indicators, positioner or process controllers) that are synchronized with each other
• Compatible with standard connections such as threaded sockets, solvent cement spigots, butt weld spigots, union ends, clamps and flanges
See our video on Plastic Valve Manifolds on YouTube

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