Antifreeze, Coolants and De-Icers

Antifreeze, coolants and de-icers are automotive fluids used in cars and commercial vehicles. Antifreeze is combined with water to act as a coolant in internal combustion engines to prevent freezing in cold temperatures, while coolant acts as fluid that flows to prevent overheating and the transference of heat within the engine. De-icer is usually used externally to de-ice any windows or exterior that has suffered from ice or frost. When it comes to antifreeze and coolants, cars manufactured after 1998 usually need silicate-free, organic aid technology (OAT). Often these are colour coded by red, blue orange, green, purple – depending on the strength and purpose. De-icer is available in liquid, spray or aerosol depending on the user preference. Antifreeze, coolants and de-icers used by automotive tradesman, industry enthusiasts and vehicle owners to ensure optimum running of the vehicle.

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