Vehicle Electrics

Vehicle electrics refers to all the wiring and wired components commonly found in cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles and motorhomes. They include spare parts which can be replaced as and when needed through self-maintenance, or through a service and repair through a garage. Common types of vehicle electrics include cable fittings, bulbs, brake parts, cables, battery fittings and isolator, gauges, fastener and fixings, cable, connectors, lighting, radiator fan, and warning lights. Vehicle electrics are widely used by private and trade vehicle owners, industry professionals and automotive enthusiasts. The repair or maintenance of vehicle electrics is commonly done by a mechanic.

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  1. Booster Cables
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    Booster cables are an essential piece of equipment for any vehicle owner in case of emergency when your car refuses to start. They interconnect a vehicle to a vehicle, or vehicle to another power source (like a battery) to ‘jump start’ or boost the vehicle. This is commonly done when one vehicle has a flat or discharged battery. Once the battery has been started, the vehicle’s normal charging system will kick in.

  2. Vehicle Batteries
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    Vehicle batteries, often known as automotive batteries, are rechargeable batteries which supply electric energy to cars, vans, motorcycles, motorhomes, commercial vehicles and other types of automobiles. They work by starting the engine to give power to the whole vehicle.

  3. Vehicle Battery Testers
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    Vehicle battery testers are an electronic device used to test the state of the automotive’s electric battery. Common types include Automotive Battery/Alternator Voltage Tester 12V, Battery & Alternator Tester 12V - LCD Screen, Battery Drop Tester 12V, Battery Drop Tester 6/12V, and Battery Fluid Tester Dial Type.

  4. Vehicle Chargers
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    Vehicle chargers are used in the event of a flat or low battery in a vehicle. They are commonly found in garages and used by mechanics or vehicle hobbyists. They also refer to the charging stations commonly seen in parking lots for electric vehicles.

  5. Vehicle Fuses
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    Vehicle fuses, also commonly known as automotive fuses, are types of fuses that are used to offer protection to electrical equipment and wiring within cars and other vehicles. Vehicle fuses are coloured coded for ease of use, with Bosch type, Lucas type and glass tube type being the most common.

  6. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.