Vehicle Exteriors

Vehicle exteriors refers to all the external components of an automobile or vehicle. This refers to anything which forms part of the body of the vehicle. Each exterior part stands alone so that it can be removed and repaired as and when needed. Common vehicle exterior parts include door handles, spoilers, hubcaps, rims, bumper, bonnet, fender, door handles, windows, sunroof, grill, external lighting and signalling system, decklid, quarter panel, pillar, hard trim, boot, and valance. Vehicle exteriors are an essential part of all automobiles and are commonly held as spare parts by mechanics, automotive manufacturers, vehicle enthusiasts and garages.

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  1. Door Systems
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    Automotive door systems are are used as a means of access to vehicles. On cars these are generally hinged, whilst buses and coaches tend to use pneumatic or electronic devices to operate the door system.

  2. Exhaust Filters
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    An exhaust filter is designed to be able to remove particulate matter or any soot from the exhaust gas of a vehicle engine and is mounted directly to the exhaust pipe of a car.

  3. Fibreglass and Resins
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    Fibreglass and resins are soft materials which harden when saturated. In automotive repair, fibreglass and resins are generally the first coat applied over any welded repair. Common types of fibreglass and reins include epoxy, polyester resin, thermoplastic and vinylester.

  4. Tyres
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    Tyres are used on all automobiles and commercial vehicles and widely used by car manufacturers, mechanics and automotive industry professionals. They are used to cover the wheel’s rim, to keep it protectant and offer improved performance. Tyres also provide traction between the vehicle (or bicycle) and the surface, acting as a flexible cushion which absorbs shock.

  5. Vehicle Bodies
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    Vehicle bodies, also known as vehicle frames, are the supporting structure of all automotive vehicles. They provide a structure (or a skeleton to which all other components are attached). Vehicle bodies form an essential part of every automotive. They support the vehicle’s mechanical body and components and handle static and dynamic loads.

  6. Vehicle Decals
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    Vehicle decals are used by companies to promote their business on their car. They are also used by car owners as a way to decorate and personalise. Common types of decals include vinyl which can just be peeled and applied, but some vehicle decals can be applied with heat or water. It is important that all vehicle decals are waterproof.

  7. Vehicle Paint
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    Vehicle paint, also known as automotive paint, is used on automobiles for not just decoration but also protection. Most vehicle paints consist of several layers, including primer, basecoat and clear coat. Types of basecoats include solid paints, metallic paints and pearlescent paints which are usually air dried in just a few hours.

  8. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.