Vehicle Interiors

Vehicle interiors is the term given to all the components and parts that are inside a vehicle. These refers to anything housed within the automobile’s body. Common vehicles interiors include arm rest, bench seat, bucket seat, children and baby car seat, fastener, headrest, seat belt, seat bracket, seat cover, seat track, carpet, centre console, compartments and carpets. Components that form vehicle interiors are widely used by automotive manufacturers and mechanics and garages who maintain and service vehicles. Vehicle interior components are also used by those who perform vehicle modifications for the purpose of improving performance or aesthetics.

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  1. Dashboard Mouldings
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    A car’s interior dashboard is made from a mould which is commonly referred to as dashboard mouldings. The majority of today’s dashboards, in non-luxury vehicles, are made from high-performance plastic which is formed through a process of injection moulding. Dashboard moulds are used during the process of automotive manufacturing to create mass produced dashboards.

  2. Upholstery Fabrics
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    Upholstery fabrics are used within the interior of the car and encompass more than just the vehicle’s seats. In fact, upholstery fabrics include carpets, fabrics used on seats, headliners, convertible tops and roofs, dashboards and door panels. Types of upholstery fabrics include vinyl, vinade, seating cloth, and leather.

  3. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.