Drinks Dispensers

Drinks dispensers are normally used by catering establishments that provide buffet-style refreshments. Drinks dispensers consist of a large food grade refillable container with a self-service tap to allow guests or customers to pour their own drinks with minimum mess and risk of spillages. Perfect for storing milk or juice at a breakfast buffet. Drinks dispensers are available in a range of sizes up to around 8 litres or more and are in basic and more decorative models. Single, double and triple dispensers, along with dispensers with a cooling tube to ensure the liquid is suitably chilled are also available. As well as cold drinks dispensers, there is also a range of hot drinks dispensers that make beverages such as tea and coffee quickly in single cup or bulk servings. Drinks dispensers are most commonly used in catering establishments such as restaurants, cafes and hotels, but can also be found in staff canteens and offices.

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