Catering Furniture

Catering furniture is used in events such as conferences and banquets and includes items such as chairs, tables and buffet tables along with the accessories to go with them such as seat pads and chair covers. Catering furniture is often designed in a way that makes it easy to transport, so chairs can be stacked and moved with the aid of chair trolleys and tables can be folded. Banqueting and event chairs for large events are available in a variety of styles, colours and fabrics, in foldable or stackable models. Tables come in a variety of shapes and seating arrangements, for a variety of functions including lighter use tables for seating guests and heavy duty tables with strong supporting legs to take the weight of large food displays and heavy catering equipment. Catering, conference and banqueting furniture is most often used in venues such as restaurants, hotels and event facilities but its ease of transport makes it equally useful in outdoor and mobile or pop-up events too.

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  1. Canteen Seating
    - 2 Suppliers 162 Products

    Canteen seating is simple, cost effective seating that's made from high-quality, durable material and built to last. It’s the seating of choice for workplaces that want to create a practical, easy to clean break area for staff, and is also used in many cafes and larger public food service areas.

  2. Canteen Tables
    - 2 Suppliers 928 Products

    Canteen tables are built for practicality and durability and used in high traffic break and lunch areas. Hundreds of types of tables are available in a range of shapes, colours and sizes with either fixed or folding legs. Canteen tables are a good choice for any workplace that wants to create a robust seating area for its employees or guests.

  3. Commercial Kitchen Sinks
    - 5 Suppliers 244 Products

    Commercial kitchen sinks are an essential element of any kitchen that caters to the public or carries out large-scale food services. They are simple in design and made from stainless steel, offering high durability for heavy use and ease of cleaning ensuring hygiene standards are met.

  4. Garden and Outdoor Furniture
    - 2 Suppliers 20 Products

    Barden and outdoor furniture can be used to transform an unused outdoor space into a relaxing dining or drinking area. It’s specifically designed to be durable and hard wearing for the maximum lifespan even in the toughest of weather condition. Benches, chairs, tables, gazebos, patio heaters, canopies and even swing sets are all available.

  5. Kitchen Cupboards and Shelving
    - 2 Suppliers 652 Products

    Kitchen cupboard and shelving solutions for commercial kitchens need to be strong, durable and are most commonly made from stainless steel. Kitchen cupboards can be either wall mounted or free standing, and shelves can be mounted on top of benches or wall fixed. High-quality kitchen fittings are essential to the organisation and smooth running of any commercial kitchen.

  6. Pest Control
    - 4 Suppliers 76 Products

    Pest control is defined as the management or regulation of a species classed as a pest. Pest control can range can range from deterrence and management to efforts to completely eradicate the pest. Pest control strategies may be implemented as part of an integrated pest management strategy.

  7. Servery Counters
    - 1 Supplier 15 Products

    Food service counters can be found in cafes, restaurants, bars or any other place where food is sold or served to the public. They can be bought as a pre-fabricated unit but most often are designed for bespoke installations and include compartments for hot and cold food and beverages.

  8. Tea and Coffee Stations
    - 1 Supplier 8 Products

    Tea and coffee stations in the workplace need to be more robust than your average kitchen to withstand daily use and spillages. They are available in bespoke, traditional or contemporary designs with built in boiled and cooled water taps, refrigeration, storage and recycling facilities.

  9. Tray Trolleys
    - 3 Suppliers 13 Products

    Tray trolleys are an essential tool to aid not only in the clearing of tables but to save valuable counter space when storing pre-prepared food and serving food too. Tray trolleys available include racking trolleys and self-clearing trolleys that feature casters to allow for ease of movement around kitchen and dining areas.

  10. Work Benches and Preparation Tables
    - 3 Suppliers 166 Products

    A work bench or preparation table provides a surface for food preparation for commercial kitchens, like those in restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, and sandwich bars. Work benches and preparation tables are essentially tables that come in two forms, those which are flush against the wall and those which are free standing.

  11. Other
    - 0 Suppliers 10 Products

    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.