Servery Counters

Food Servery counters are a counter in a bar, café, restaurant, delicatessen or any other place where food is sold or served to the public and are an essential piece of equipment in any self-service food area. Servery counters can be bought as a pre-fabricated unit or bespoke food servery counters can be sourced, This means that exact requirements can be met, including compartments for hot and cold food, Bain-marie or heating lamps for keeping food warm and refrigeration sections for cold food and beverages. These bespoke servery counters are made to measure and tailored perfectly to the needs of the canteen or self-service café or restaurant area. Servery counters can be seen in most café and restaurant outlets that require some self-service by the customer. They are also found in most places that offer large scale canteen or dining facilities such as educational facilities, government buildings, staff canteens or hospitals.

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