Consumables is the term used to describe catering equipment that is used up in a commercial kitchen or established, either by staff or customers, and needs to be replenished frequently. Types of consumables include napkins, tea, coffee, sugar and sauces, hotel disposables like soap, shampoo, conditioner, tooth paste and tooth-brushes, paper consumables like toilet roll and kitchen roll, light bulbs and batteries, cleaning equipment, disposable cutlery, cups, plates and take-away containers, first aid equipment and food labelling and wrapping. Consumables form part of essential equipment for commercial eating establishments such as restaurants, pizzerias, school canteens, cafes, tea rooms and sandwich bars.

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  1. Animal Foodstuffs
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    Animal foodstuffs is commonly known as animal feed and is given to domestic animals (including pets, horses, farmed fish, farm livestock, zoo and circus animals). It is commonly used in the industry of animal husbandry (which is the care and management of farm animals).

  2. Condiments
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    Condiments are commonly used in eating established to enhance food’s flavour, complement dishes or create a new flavour. They can be added to food by catering staff or by the customer. Common condiments include mustard, tomato sauce, salad cream and mayonnaise.

  3. Foodstuffs
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    Food stuffs are edible ingredients that are needed for commercial kitchens to create menus. Common foodstuffs are divided into frozen food, chilled food, grocery and impulse and are commonly used by restaurants, pizzerias, school canteens, cafes, tea rooms and sandwich bars.

  4. Soft Drinks and Water
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    Soft drinks and water are drinks which are sold in cartons, tins, and bottles at many eating establishments and supermarkets.

  5. Tea, Coffee and other Beverages
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    Tea, coffee and other beverages are made by adding water. They are commonly sold in cafes, tea rooms, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, snack bars, snack vans where you can sit in to enjoy them or take away in a disposable cup or re-fillable flask.

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  7. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.