Rotisserie is a type of roasting meat (usually chicken), where it is skewered on a spit – which is a long rod used to hold food. In rotisserie, the meat on the spit is then cooked over a fire or roasted in an oven, known as a rotisserie. Rotisseries are automatic and turn the meat as it cooks, ensuring even cooking which is faster than conventional methods. Rotisseries also have glass windows, which are used by caterers to entice hungry customers. Rotisseries are available in many different sizes, depending on the need – from single machines to roast one chicken to rotisseries that can cope with bulk roasting. Most common types include electric countertop rotisserie, ventless Hood Electric Rotisserie and European Style Vertical Gas Rotisserie. Rotisseries are used in restaurants, snack bars, delicatessens and supermarkets.

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