Food Preparation Machines

Food preparation machines help in the preparation of food by reducing the need for manual labour, increasing quality and ensuring unity and consistency across a range of dishes. Food preparation machines also save time, particularly during peak times. By optimizing the kitchen’s workflow, it runs more efficiently, saving time, labour and money. Common types of food preparation machines include mixers, food processors, graters and slicers, vegetable preparers, pasta makers, dehydrators, juicers, spice grinders, ice cream makers, automatic sieves, sausage stuffers and blenders. Food preparation machines are used in cafes, hotels, sandwich shops, butchers, smoothie bars, delicatessens, bakers, canteens and restaurants.

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  1. Dehydrators
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    The drying and preserving of vegetables, fruit and animal proteins is known as dehydrating and can be done through a food dehydrator. The machine works by removing water content, which ensures that food isn’t at risk of spoiling by bacteria. Types of food dehydrators include solar dehydrators, electric dehydrators and biofuel dehydrators.

  2. Food Mixers
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    Mixers are used to mix and prepare food and take the manual labour out of hand beating, stirring and whisking. Common mixer types include handheld mixers, stand mixers and planetary mixers which are commonly used in bakeries, restaurants and pizzerias.

  3. Food Processors
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    A food processor processes food to reduce manual labour, save time and create unity amongst dishes. Common types of food processors include blenders, food choppers, mandolines, cheese graters, coffee grinders, vegetable and meat grinders and hand-operated ricers.

  4. Graters and Slicers
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    Graters and slicers are used to grate and slice vegetables, fruit, cheese and meat. They exist in both manual and automotive form and help the food industry by reducing manual labour, saving time and creating unity between dishes.

  5. Grinders
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    Grinders eliminate the need to cut some foods by breaking it down with a grinding motion. Often this can be performed manually, like with a mortar and pestle, but it can also be fully automated, like with a meat grinder.

  6. Ice Cream Makers
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    Ice cream makers are used to make ice cream in restaurants, cafes and ice cream parlours. They are available manually (which work by cranking) or by an electric motor. Ice cream makers can pre-freeze and allow for setting in a freezer, or can make ice cream immediately ready for consumption.

  7. Juicers
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    Juicers are used to extract the juice out of the pulp of vegetables, fruit and green leaves. They are used in restaurants, cafes, canteens, coffee shops, snack bars and smoothie bars to make fresh fruit and vegetable drinks and smoothies.

  8. Mincers
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    Mincers are used to break solid meat, fish and vegetables into mince. This mince can then be used in a variety of cooking include to make hamburgers, sausages and lasagne. Mincers are widely used by fast food outlets, butcher shops, restaurants, cafes and canteens.

  9. Pasta Makers
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    Pasta machines create pasta from pasta dough. Some machines work by running dough through rollers and cutting, while more commercial machines also mould into shapes like ravioli and gnocchi. Pasta machines are commonly used in restaurants (particularly Italian), canteens and delis.

  10. Vacuum Packing Machines
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    Vacuum packing is used to remove air from food packaging and prolong the life of contents through use of a vacuum packing machine. This is useful for kitchens who look to prepare food in advance or for retailers who look to sell prepared food to customer to consume at home.

  11. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.