Graters and Slicers

A grater is a kitchen utensil that is used to grate food into fine pieces, whereas a slicer can be used to take slices of a product. Both graters and slicers exist in manual versions, which rely on the user grating and slicing, and fully automated versions. A grater is commonly used to grate cheese, lemons, oranges and other soft foods. Whereas a slicer can be used to cut slices of cheese or meats. Graters and slicers are used in the food industry, particularly by kitchens, canteens, cafes, snack bars and also by those in the cheese and meat industry – like butchers and cheese delicatessens.

  • Shop-Equip Ltd 168 Products

  • Cater-Kwik (Caterkwik) 61 Products

  • Nella Cut Ltd 34 Products

  • GM Supplies Ltd 35 Products

  • KiD Catering Equipment 7 Products

  • 247 Catering Supplies 69 Products

  • Chefsrange Catering Equipment 9 Products

  • ChefQuip 10 Products

  • ABC Direct Ltd 143 Products

  • Hopkins Catering Equipment Ltd 1 Product

  • Interbake Ltd 2 Products

  • Pattersons (Bristol) Ltd 13 Products

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