Kitchenware is the term used to describe appliances, cookware, dishes and utensils which are used in the kitchen in the preparation of food. Kitchenware is used to cook, bake, transport and serve food. Types of kitchenware includes knives, cookware (like pans, pans, woks, moulds and rings), utensils, food storage boxes (like Tupperware and food storage containers), baking trays, baking moulds, mixing bowls, chopping boards, tongs, graters, salad spinners, peelers, pizza cutters, catering trolleys, dish towels, scissors, colanders, drying towels and cutlery. Kitchenware is available for domestic and commercial kitchens, including those found in hotels, restaurants, cafes, universities, bakeries, butchers and schools.

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  1. Bakeware
    - 2 Suppliers 145 Products

    Bakeware is equipment used in the process of baking, including baking sheets, baking moulds, baking rings, roasting pans, baking bowls and baking basins, cutters, rollers, piping bags, pudding trays, icing accessories, square muffin and mini-loaf pans. Bakeware is commonly used in bakeries, cafes, restaurants and canteens.

  2. Catering Trolleys
    - 2 Suppliers 51 Products

    Catering trolleys are used to transport catering equipment to either serve or clear up. They are widely used in kitchens and also in events and businesses that require catering including offices, schools, hospitals, care homes and universities. Common types of catering trolleys include two tier service trolleys, three tier service trolleys, bussing trolleys, refuse collectors, and tea trolleys.

  3. Chefs Knives
    - 3 Suppliers 211 Products

    Chef’s knives are the go-to knife choice for chefs and used in 90% of all cutting preparation in kitchens. They are used by chefs in various types of kitchens in hotels, restaurants, delicatessens, snack bars, universities, schools, care homes and pizzerias.

  4. Cookware
    - 4 Suppliers 859 Products

    Cookware is equipment used to prepare or cook food in. It includes equipment that goes on to stoves, range cooktops or ovens – including saucepans, pots, frying pains, woks, paella pans, stew pans, stock pots, steamers, crepe pans, Pyrex dishes and sauté pans.

  5. Utensils
    - 5 Suppliers 967 Products

    Utensils are used in commercial and domestic kitchens to stir, mix, weigh and serve. The most common cooking and kitchen utensils include various sizes of chopping boards and scrapers, serving utensils, spatulas, ladles, spoons, graters, thermometers, weighing and measuring equipment, and tongs.

  6. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.