Refrigeration Equipment

Refrigeration equipment is used preserve food and drink so that is has a longer life span. They consist of a thermally insulted comparted combined with a heat pump (chemical, mechanical and electronic) which transfers heat from the fridge’s inside to the external environment. This ensures that the inside of the fridge stays cooler than the ambient room temperature – usually at an optimum temperature of 3-5 °C. Types of refrigeration equipment includes catering fridges, cold rooms, beer fridges, drink fridges, open fridges and open fridge multitasks. Refrigeration equipment is used in any domestic commercial kitchen but also commonly used in supermarkets and cinemas.

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  1. Freezers
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    Freezers are used to store food at temperatures below 0 °C in order to preserve life, or to keep ice-cream and desserts at optimum temperatures. Common types of freezers include under counter freezers, counter freezers, chest freezers, cabinet freezers, ice cream freezers and freezer rooms.

  2. Fridges
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    Fridges keep food and drink at temperatures of 3-5 °C in order to stay cool or to preserve shelf-life. Types of fridges includes catering fridges, cold rooms, beer fridges, drink fridges, open fridges and open fridge multidecks which are commonly seen in kitchens, cinemas and supermarkets.

  3. Ice Makers
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    Ice makers are used to make ice in cube, pellet and nugget shapes. They can be built into freezers or also as stand-alone machines, commonly called counter ice makers, under counter ice makers, nugget ice maker, pellet ice maker, and spay ice maker.

  4. Refrigerated Display Units
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    Refrigerated displays preserve food and drink for a longer shelf life, or offering chilling functions to give food and drink a better flavour. Whilst providing a chilling function, refrigerated displays also allow for self-service of food and drinks, whilst displaying food and drink in a practical and enticing way.

  5. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.