Computers were originally intended to be used for computing functions, but modern day computers are used for performing a wide array of tasks such as computing, record or data keeping, communication etc. It’s almost impossible to function in today’s business world without using a computer of one sort or another. Indeed, most smartphones are in themselves miniaturized computers which can perform almost all the traditional jobs performed by a computer in addition to calling. Desktops, notebooks, tablet computers and workstations are all examples of computers frequently used in most offices and workplaces. Rapid spread of computers has allowed most business organisations to centralize their internal progresses and rise of computers along with internet has played probably the most important role in globalization.

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  1. Desktop Computers
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    Desktop computers allow a business to perform most everyday functions such as accounting, communication, printing, record keeping etc. Desktop computers are primarily designed to be stationary and are used at a desk or table and were the first mass produced personal computers developed from larger computing units during late 1970s and early 1980s.

  2. Embedded Computers
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    An embedded computer is a type of computer system which has a dedicated function as part of an electrical or mechanical system. They are used in wide range of applications and industries including medical, cooking, military, automotive, industrial and commercial. They are commonly used in household appliances and home and office automation technology including security.

  3. Laptops
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    laptops were developed from portable computers introduced in 1980s and 1990s and have been the most popular type of computers for almost a decade. Specialized laptops such as those used in laboratories, multimedia or gaming feature more advanced hardware and software capabilities.

  4. Netbooks
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    Netbooks were designed to fill the need of a niche market segment and have some unique features such as low cost, watered down software and hardware, low weight and small size which separates them from other portable computers. Netbooks is an acronym which was coined by combining net and notebook as netbooks were intended to be used for surfing internet.

  5. Rackmount Computers
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    Despite the wide range of cloud solutions, there is still a need in both the office and the home for a server solution. Rackmount computers provide server and storage solutions both domestically and commercially. Types of rackmount computers include 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U and 6U.

  6. Rugged System
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    A rugged system is a computer which is designed to operate in harsh conditions and environments. This includes under pressure from strong vibrations, water, dusty conditions or extreme temperature. Rugged systems are generally used in military vehicle controls, helicopters and UAVs.

  7. Servers
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    Servers are at the centre of any computer network and are generally made up of various CPUs, Disk arrays and RAM. Their computing power is multiple times than a normal PC or a workstation and can be found in most organizations and businesses where large amount of computing power is required.

  8. Single Board Computers
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    Single board computers are a type of computer that is built totally on one single circuit board. Typical types of single board computers include PXI, CompactPCI, VMEbus, PICMG, and VPX. Today SBC are commonly used in the home and in a range of industrial applications.

  9. Tablet Computers
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    Tablet computers have seen tremendous growth in their popularity and usage over the last few years. Tablet computers of all types are used in most offices and workplaces and have become an integral part of many offices and workplaces. Most modern tablet computers can perform all the functions which one expects from a portable computer.

  10. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.