Computer Power Supplies

Like any other electronic device, computers also require a constant supply of electrical power to function. Most desktop computers use electricity whether direct or stored in a battery. Power supplies refers to several items which connect a computer, laptop or tablet to a power source. Normally adapters, power cables, uninterruptible power supply units or UPS, batteries are considered as essential power supplies for all types of computers. UPS have their own small battery and are quite common in countries with an unreliable electricity supply. Depending on the type of computer and place power supply adapters can vary greatly as larger workstations consume a lot of power and thus require high voltage adapters, cables etc.

  • Ecopac (UK) Power Ltd 1,271 Products

  • Kenable Ltd 11 Products

  • Adept Power Solutions Ltd 7 Products

  • RDS (Review Display Systems Ltd) 1 Product

  • Eurocoms UK Ltd 3 Products

  • MCi Online (MCi Diventi Ltd) 2,288 Products

  • Automation24 GmbH 1 Product

  • KVM Choice Ltd 6 Products

  • Sarsen Technology Ltd 3 Products

  • Heading Power Ltd 391 Products

  • BT Business Direct 218 Products

  • Comtrol 3 Products

  • Ebuyer Business (UK) Ltd 262 Products

  • JDM Merchandise Ltd 10 Products

  • J.I.T. Tek 11 Products

  • MeanWell Direct 2,028 Products

  • Radio Links Communications Ltd 2 Products