Projectors and Accessories

Projectors and projector accessories are used in most offices and are an essential feature of any conference room, board room or a meeting. Projectors have also found a niche in press conferences where there is a need to give a presentation in front of an audience. Modern projectors are in themselves quite sophisticated devices and can be easily connected to a computer or laptop which allows complete control over the presentation. Projectors can only be used along with several projector related accessories. Projector accessories such as projection screens, projector lamps or bulbs, play an important role in any presentation and the quality of projection largely depends on these accessories.

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  1. Bulbs
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    Projector bulbs are also known as projector bulbs and play an essential role in the functioning of any type of projector. Projector bulbs are made up of ultra-high pressure mercury vapor ARC lamp which produces ultra-bright light which is converted into images on a projector screen.

  2. Data Projectors
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    Data projectors as the name suggests are specialised projectors intended to display data output from a computer or a laptop on a screen. These are extensively used for slide presentations and are compatible with most computers, laptops and presentation software.

  3. Lenses
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  4. Mounts and Brackets
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    Mounts and Brackets

  5. Projection Screens
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    No projector can work without a good quality projector screen on which the image projected by a projector is portrayed. Projector screens come in various shapes, sizes and are also made up of different type of materials. Although, in recent years LCD screens have emerged as the preferred choice for most types of projectors.

  6. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.