Computer Software

Computer Software is the part of a computer system that’s responsible for making it do what you want it to do, and without it computers would be functionless. It instructs the computers hardware to perform specific tasks, so selecting the right software is essential to the smooth running and day to day operations of any business. The software can be broken down into 2 categories. System software such as the operating system, which controls, manages and integrates the hardware components so the user doesn't have to. Application Software meanwhile is used to carry out tasks such as word processing, accounting, design or content management. There are thousands of Computer Software Packages to choose from, and they are used across all sectors of Industry. If there's a task in the workplace that needs doing, whether it's bookkeeping, content management or document management, there’s usually a piece of software available that will take on that task.

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  1. Business & Productivity Software
    - 9 Suppliers 181 Products

    Business and productivity software is a category of software applications that help the user to produce documents, presentations or to collate and analyse data. Microsoft office is perhaps the most famous, but there is a large selection of alternatives to consider when selecting the right production software for your business needs.

  2. Financial Software
    - 1 Supplier 5 Products

    Financial software provides a solution for fast, easy accounting in business. As well as dealing with basic accounting functions, it can produce high-quality reports to simplify tax matters and make smart business decisions. The most basic software will include accounting function modules and produce easy to decipher reports, where more advanced software will track assets and shares.

  3. Multimedia & Design Software
    - 4 Suppliers 53 Products

    Multimedia and Design Software supports the integration of different content such as audio, image, and text. There's a huge variety of multimedia available on today's market, and the range of software available to handle that media reflects that. It's not only used in the design industry, but by anyone who wants to communicate ideas to a viewer.

  4. Security Software
    - 4 Suppliers 20 Products

    Security software is an essential tool for any computer or network, to protect against unwanted intrusions and unauthorised use of resources such as files and programs. Products available include Anti-spyware software, anti-virus software and Intrusion detection systems. It’s an invaluable resource for all businesses that want to protect the integrity of their computer network.

  5. System Software
    - 2 Suppliers 83 Products

    System software is a software that provides a service to other software on a computer, it assists in the running of a computers application and hardware programs. Operating systems, networking software, and gaming engines are all examples of system software.