ERP Software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), is a type of business management software. It's a system that helps an organisation track information and activities across all business functions. To include, for example, productivity and purchase planning, inventory management, service delivery, operations, planning and even sales and human resources. The managing of all these functions on a higher level, as a whole, aids in improving and automating core parts of a business. The right ERP software will allow business processes to come together in a seamless way that enables quick decision making, and improving productivity. There are hundreds of ERP software systems on today’s market, serving different business needs. There are industry specific systems that work on specific verticals such as warehouse distribution and stock management, or packages that cross industries such as sage or quick books that not only cover stock control but sales, human resources and accounting functions too. Due to the vast variety of software packages available, ERP software systems are widely used. Warehousing, retail, agriculture, construction, engineering and many more sectors of business all employ ERP software to aid with the efficient running of their business.

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