CAD Software

Computer-aided design software or CAD software as it's more commonly known uses computer technology for design and design documentation. It's an essential tool in the design process, as replacing manual drafting with an automated process, reduces fatal flaws in the design that sometimes show up only when it's too late, and a design has gone into production. CAD software is available to design both 2D drawings and 3D modeling projects, and the type of software used will vary greatly depending on the design job that needs doing. 2-dimensional CAD relies on basic geometric shapes to produce flat drawings. 3-dimensional CAD produces 3 types of models: Wire frame models - skeleton like models with lines and arcs, surface models – realistic models created by joining 3D surfaces, or solid models - most commonly used by engineers and architects as they have additional properties such as weight and volume. CAD software is used in engineering based industries including manufacturing and industrial design, and also in any other industry that produces a tangible object or product.

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